Design Engineering

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  • Mechanical Designer

    Posted on: 2017-10-22

    Effective till: 2017-12-22

    1. Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering equivalent or above;

    2. Physically fit,have strong communication and coordination skills,diligent in work, flexible, responsible and innovative, with strong organizational skills and team spirit;

    3. Proficient in AUTOCAD, Solidworks, and other design software; able to do up shop drawings.

    4. More than 2 years of experience in structural design. Previous experience in curtain wall design or aluminum alloy doors and windows design. Familiar with metal structure design process, familiar with common metal material properties and design points. Proficient in structural design analysis and calculation.

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Position Type:Data Architect

    Posted on:2017-10-22
    Effective till:2017-11-21
    Job Description
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Company's partner; participate in the company strategy discussion, responsible for the overall direction of the development of the technology department, responsible for the formulation and efficient implementation of team goals and work plans to ensure the realization of the goals;
    2. Organize the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and technical plans, formulate technical development strategies, plan development directions and take full responsibility for all management of the Company's technical aspects;
    3. Responsible for technical research and team technical guidance; lead the technical team structure, research and development, design, complete the overall build of the platform, maintainance and product development;
    4. Design and guide the key technology modules, and is responsible for the security and stability of systems.
    1. Relevant Bachelor's degree or above, Master's, PhD preferred, computer science and technology-related professions, more than 10 years of IT work experience, at least 5 years of management experience, experience in Internet data platform construction, has profound understanding of data platform system, or management positions in well-known IT enterprises are preferred;
    2. Big data distributed processing, real-time computing, machine learning algorithms applied engineering experience and architecture experience;
    3. Experience in relational database, cache, distributed storage development of high performance, and high availability of data application;
    4. Have a profound understanding of the overall business process and logical framework of big data, especially the background and experience of solutions for data integration, data exploration, data analysis and mining, and model visualization;
    5. Web data collection, precision advertising, massive log processing and other R & D project experience is preferred;
    6. English proficiency is preferred;
    7. e-commerce big data and digital marketing research and development experience is preferred.